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Thursday, February 18, 2021


out of nowhere
like a comet
from deep space
some thing terrible
pierced my heart
some thing unimaginable
feasted on my soul
like a hungry beast
clawed into my world
searching for a bloody feast
all that lust that beast felt
so much terror it instilled
yet I held onto hope
but hope was not enough
I grasped at broken love
but love failed me
so I slipped
under that horrid spell
into that other deviant realm
where cast out souls are lost
far past forever more
as I writhed and fell
my fear was washed
with my falling tears
I hoped and prayed
that God
might find me
save me
from that terrible hell
show me the way
to a better place
but you turned away
you left behind
only wet footprints
you took all your love
you turned and spoke
final harsh words to me
saying you couldn't stay
that's when night came
stole every scrap
of my hope away
I tried to resolve
all my broken shame
yet both our souls
had been branded
leaving scars and traces
from love's red hot iron
like two flaming tails
from that untamed comet
hurtling and trailing away
out in deep space
and in its own way
drifting unfazed
into nothingness
blazing back from where it came
out of nowhere
I still somehow knew
you felt the same

             * * *

Tuesday, February 16, 2021


this mine field
called life
every step
we take
do we hesitate
or instigate
how many times
do we mitigate
have you
in the dark
in the wilderness
wake up
how many times
have you
been confused
by everything
around you
if the moon
were our guide
would we
if the man in the moon
is God
if the sun
showed us
the way
would we
become blinded
by those life
giving rays
if your world
stops spinning
would you
find yourself
out of control
when the day
becomes night
does fear
your soul
what if we
and fall
what if we
are caught up
in a hurricane
does tomorrow
seem vain
does life
matter at all
or does time stop
and only
this very second
mean anything
at all
if we
on a land mine
will our past
give us
if we drown
in the sea
will existence
provide us
when the end
draws near
when our dreams
completely clear
how will we
go on
will we
still be
some wretched pawn
or will
the hopeless world
and suddenly
we'll find ourselves
every relevant moment
absent of fear


           * * *

Saturday, February 13, 2021


that cold covid morning
a murder of crows
blackening the coronal sky
a raucous hell unleashed
upon the ailing earth
marking failing trails
those poor unfortunates
with their blackened blood
unto blacker vile death
all the dead
piled tactless corpses
on sorry funeral pyres
all that horror
sights long unseen
sorrow lay ahead
while senile terror
fills the hearts
and tainted souls
of every living
wanting crying being
all those dying
struck down
by dark viral angels
so few last requests
before the moon falls
from the failing sky
one last thing
we'll ever taste
before the sour sun
burns out
every tainted black bird
has closed its haunting eyes
death after daunting death
gaunt human beings
just waiting to die
and when the jaunty crows
all take flight and fly
dauntless calling out
barking and cawing
an ode of murderous word
numerous covid airborne
marking murderous days
on these dark cruel nights
while the imperiled world finds
that immoral death
is stalking the earth
carnal death
is close in sight
brown and black and white
while evil hides
in its armoured towers
so spread dead flowers
upon all our dour graves
as life is soured
by heartless viral knaves
scatter dead flowers
spattered with innocent blood
marking all those mass graves
heedless covid rules
without tact or care
grinning from deep within
oblivious of bleeding love
adorned with its choking stare


                                              * * *

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


you died
grief held me
twelve days
after past years
of war
we're still
all suffering now
yet somehow
there are
the sacred
red cow
bowing down
the master's shoes
to knock
to be
an end time
but when
the night
the world
our deepest
a sunny day
of little use
so many memories
so much love
I remember
so many tears
I bow down
to you

         * * *

Saturday, February 6, 2021


here we are
precious life
waiting for the earth
to swallow us whole
we are dust
this dusty life
while time
mountains tumble
over generations
fumble down the path
from morning
at first light
through the burly day
all the way to dark
this life at midnight
just beneath our feet
earth and dust
must everything cease
bust and fall away
with every landslide
endure this earthquake
with one last breathe
that final heartbeat
before we crumble
as our lusty lives
turn to cosmic dust
here we are

         * * *

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


and now the ocean
seems a little deeper
you died
and the world
seems bleaker
I can't hide
my tears
all those years
when my father
put his hand
on my shoulder
and said
"my son"
now that he is gone
it's only memories
that I can hold dear
it's those memories of you
that I see in my mind
feel in my heart
so very clear
so very clear

           * * * 

Monday, January 25, 2021


difficult years
back in the 1930's
world depression
those dirty 30's
so many political fears
bowls of dust
stealing away hope
streams of sad tears
climate change
more encroaching desert
this approaching decade
reproachable political fraud
a dust bowl
so many eerie fears
bold Hitler
that third reich
inciting old violence
that bold clenched fist
evening into night
world pressure
that nazi seizure
a moonlight reasoning
brown and blue shirts
a fascist tryst
those deranged years
changing gears
a storm of critical change
odd peachy keen
add viral toppings  
severe pandemic fears
bringing out the dead
standup improv
morgues and morals
improv victim storage
taking it to the streets
cool and the gang
avenues of refrigeration
all those covid dead
winter in frigid January
hoar frost
winter horror fest
Nero is fiddling
playing with himself
from what they've said
cat gut strings
tweeting gutting verbs
poetic Rome is burning
terror pact
riot impact
legal stead
regal plots
ignite signal fires
giving Blotto matches
he'll surely light towering infernos
flaming publican spires
mucking up atmosphere
sucking up oxygen
if the sky doesn't suddenly turn to fire
while the fetching sun still comes up
we'll survive
suffer this historic weather
endure all this overwhelming
enriched memories from 2020
grief and disbelief
stitching us up
still there are heroes
those superhuman
reaching out
singing angels
saving lives
help us
we're learning
yearning still
there are dark days ahead
tragic storms
we must navigate
turbulent waters
we must overcome
this ripping tide
arrest difficulties
lest brimstone and fire consume us
weather this present norm
so tempests don't drown us
whether people isolate
or swept away
we prisoners
at times flailing
like bawling cattle
hurried into perilous canyons
segregating biology
abandoning the world
ecology decimated
struggling we toil
where nightmares abound
roiling maelstroms
we are fearful
bound and confined
we seem to be awake
but everyone is tired
emotionally recoiling
everyone is struggling
environmentally sick
repressed and beaten
a harsh depressing stick
pandemic paintings
tainting every political insurrection
more tug and thug insurgence
what quality of life
harangued by covid-19's emergence
another month long quarantine
another unforeseen quantity
death ahead
while the qualitative world blinks
quoting quantitative viral re-emergence
tread carefully
caught up by mutation
swept away in this respondent sea
head just above water
gulping injustice and chartered air
on the careless threshold
of reckless battles
feckless digital war
jungle drums pounding
mustering subjugated arms
denial passed into sweaty hands
commending angry insurgents
fingers and digits
firmly on buttons and triggers
guns emerging
automatic violence
we the violated
vindicated communities
this corona virus
mocks us
still talking
mocking politics
haunting us
media directors
still balking
unhinged dictators
taunt us
solar events
sunrise to sunset
after the dark sets in
recording astronomical history
during the dirty 30's
blistered people
were borderline and yearning
most times definably hurting
refined dust bowl life
repellent chaos and striking mystery
like appellant resistance
sightless balancing
on a keen edged knife
authority's commissary
dialects of public misery



                 * * *